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Fairy Tales

The Brothers Grimm

The Brave Little Tailor Bremen Town Musicians Brother And Sister
Cinderella The Elves The Fisherman And His Wife
The Goose Girl Hansel And Gretel Hans In Luck
Jack And The Beanstalk Jorinda And Joringel Little Red Riding Hood
The Princess And The Frog Rapunzel Rumpelstilzchen
Sleeping Beauty Snow White The Star Talers
Tom Thumb The Turnip The Wolf And The Seven Kids

Hans Christian Anderston

Emperors New Cloths The Little Matchgirl The Little Mermaid
Thumbelina The Tin Soldier The Ugly Duckling

Collections of these stories and more:

The Complete Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales
This collection of "classics" certainly is a departure from the Disney versions. The tales are mostly very dark and pessimistic, as originally recorded by the Brothers. For the more "colourful" children's stories it is better to buy the specific tales from the bookstore instead of a collective book.
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The Complete Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales
While I like having the collection and while the illustrations are very nice - the pages themselves are much closer to newspaper-stock than what I'd expect from a durable, long-lasting book. For the more "colourful" children's stories check from the bookstore instead of a collective book.
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Other Tales

The Adventures Of Aladdin
Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves
The Animals And The Plague
Beauty And The Beast
The Book Of Spells
The Cock The Cat And The Mouse
The Conference Of The Mice
The Crab And The Herron
The Donkey That Thought He Was Clever
The Empress Jowka
The Fox And The Crow
The Fox And The Stork
The Golden Goose
The Greedy Dog
The Hare And The Porcupine
The Horse And The Donkey
The Lion And The Mosquito
The Little Golden Bird
The Monkey King
The Mouse And The Lion
The Obstinate Goats
The Parrot Shah
The Pied Piper Of Hamelin
The Poplar And The Stream
Prince Omar And Princess Sheherazade
The Red Dragon
Salem And The Nail
The Seven Crows
Shasha Mansor And The Storks
Six Able Men
The Snow Queen
The Tail Of The Bear
The Three Wishes
The Tongue Cut Sparrow
The Unlucky Warrior
The Seven Voyages Of Sinbad
What Other People Think
The Witch In The Tower
The Wolf And The Lamb

Ali And The Sultans Saddle
Amin And The Eggs
The Ant And The Cricket
The Birds St Valentines Day
Chico And The Crane
The Conceited Stag
The Country Mouse And The Town Mouse
The Crystal Sphere
Dopey Dennis
The Flying Trunk
The Fox And The Grapes
The Game Of Chess
Goldilocks And The Three Bears
The Hare And The Elephant
The Hole That Was Too Narrow
The Horse And The Wolf
The Lion Goes To War
The Little Pear Girl
The Magic Tinderbox
The Ox And The Frog
The Peasant The Snake And The Fox
The Princess And The Pea
Puss In Boots
The Ruby Prince
Sayeds Adventures
The Seven Old Samurai
A Shrewd Farmers Story
The Snow Maiden
The Snow Queen Ii
The Three Little Pigs
Till Ulenspighel
The Tortoise And The Hare
The Vain Crow
The Weeping Princess
The Wise Little Girl
The Wolf And The Crane

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